More than 30,000 titles on art, architecture, photography and design are being offered by Worldwide Books at wholesale prices in this unprecedented art book sale!

Please note that quantities are extremely limited; for more than half of the titles being offered, Worldwide Books has only one copy available.


40% off every in-stock title published prior to 2010! Enter code "Winter sale" in the "Special Instructions/Comments" field on the checkout page.


Thousands of art exhibition catalogues published from the 1960s through 2009 that have been carefully selected over the years as recommended acquisitions for our art library clients.

Authoritative and beautifully illustrated volumes issued chiefly by major museums in North America, Europe and Australia on important figures and movements, as well as hundreds of monographs from major trade publishers and university presses.

Thousands of out-of-print and scarce items, including foreign and domestic exhibition catalogues that were never widely available from booksellers in North America.



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Use keywords and the pull-down menus on our Advanced Search Page to obtain comprehensive listings of the art books and exhibition catalogues in our database. Search results are limited to the first 2,000 results; be sure to use combinations of search terms to finetune your query. Please remember that only titles published in or before 2009 are part of the Winter Sale.

Here are some examples:

By Medium

Architecture:1,800 titles

Ceramics: 600 titles

Costume/Fashion: 300 titles

Furniture:150 titles

Glass: 220 titles

Graphic Design: 280 titles

Jewelry: 200 titles

Landscape & Garden Design: 90 titles

Manuscripts & Book Design: 180 titles

Prints: 1,400 titles


By Topic

African American Artists: 190 titles

Books/Illustration/Printing: 400 titles

Conservation/Restoration: 100 titles

Naive/Folk/Outsider Artists: 240 titles


By Region

African Art: 250 titles

Asian Art (traditional): 800 titles

Near Eastern/Islamic Art: 200 titles

Native North American Art: 150 titles

Oceania: 100 titles