Please note that Worldwide has discontinued the New Titles list as of October 2014. The last issue, 2014 number 4, featured titles first received into stock in August and September of 2013. In the interest of bringing new titles to the attention of our clients in a more timely manner, we will be focusing our attention on announcing new titles through this monthly newsletter.

Libraries will no longer receive the complimentary New Titles lists by mail and we encourage them to subscribe to our newsletter. However, as a courtesy to our customers, we will continue to offer drafts of future monthly New Titles list through our website as a PDF file available for download (see below). Please note that these monthly lists will be generated chiefly for in-house purposes and may contain incomplete or unedited bibliographic information as provided to us by publishers; and unlike the printed lists, the PDF versions will not include an index of titles.The drafts will pick up where the New Titles list left off, with titles first received into stock in October, 2013.



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Previous issues of our New Titles list are still available electronically in PDF format. Please note that the information in older issues may no longer be current; for up-to-date information about availability and price, please look up titles in our online database using the Advanced Search page. Through this page, titles can also be searched by month of listing in combination with other parameters, such a medium, period, publisher, etc.

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In 2004, the Public Catalogue Foundation began publishing a series of catalogues that document, region by region, paintings in public ownership. Thirty-eight volumes have been published to date and another eight volumes have been announced for release later this year.  Although the Public Catalogue Foundation has long made many of the titles in this series available to booksellers in North America through Antique Collectors’ Club, that distribution arrangement has now come to an end, and their titles are no longer being wholesaled on this continent. 

Recognizing the importance of these titles to its library clients, Worldwide Books has made special arrangements with the Public Catalogue Foundation so that we may continue to offer their titles to libraries in North America. Attached is a complete list of titles that are currently available or due to be released later this year.  Many of these titles are currently in stock at Worldwide, and any that may be temporarily out of stock can be supplied by Worldwide with only minimal delay.

For a complete list (as of August 2012), click here.