Q. How do I search your website?

A. The various filters offered on the ADVANCED SEARCH PAGE allow users to filter our vast inventory in sophisticated ways to identify titles in specific subject areas or on specific artists, and searches for exhibition catalogues can also be conducted by entering the name of the museum publisher, commercial co-publisher or first exhibitor.

Be sure to enter “<2017” in the YEAR OF PUBLICATION field on the ADVANCED SEARCH PAGE to limit your search to the special sale items.

Note: Titles published from 2017 through 2018 are also available for purchase if they are in stock, but the special 30% discount applies only to titles published prior to 2017.

Searches retrieve a maximum of 2,000 matching titles per search; for very broad searches that would identify more than 2,000 matching records (e.g., “Photography”), users will want to refine their searches by applying additional filters (e.g., period, country represented, language of the text, etc.) and/or conduct the search as a series of mutually exclusive searches based on date of publication (e.g., first search “>1960 <2010” in the YEAR OF PUBLICATION FIELD; second search “>2009 <2019”).

Keyword searches, partial string searches (use an “*” as a wildcard character) and exact-phrase searches (put the phrase in quotation marks) are allowed in the TITLE and EXHIBITOR, ORGANIZER, PUBLISHER OR SERIES TITLE fields.

Be sure to click the CLEAR SEARCH FORM button before starting a new search so that any filters you applied to previous searches do not remain in place inadvertently.

More detailed search tips for each search field are provided directly on the ADVANCED SEARCH page; simply click on the ADVANCED SEARCH INFORMATION hyperlink at the top of the page for general search tips, or click on any field heading for search tips using the filter associated with that specific field.

Be sure to click the CLEAR SEARCH FORM button before starting a new search so that any filters you applied to previous searches do not remain in place inadvertently.

Q. What condition are the books in?

A. All books were acquired new at the time of publication and are not used books. Most books are in good, very good or as-new condition and do not have any significant defects unless specifically noted, and all would be perfectly acceptable acquisitions for our regular university and museum library clients; however, some titles, especially volumes from the 1960s and 70s, may be slightly shelf worn, somewhat sun faded, lightly soiled or have other minor, chiefly cosmetic defects.

Q. How many copies of each title are available?

A. Quantities are extremely limited. Although we welcome orders for multiple copies, please note that for more than half the titles being offered, we have only one copy remaining in stock. For most other titles, we have only 2 to 4 copies available. Customers interested in ordering multiple copies can order the full quantity they would like to receive, and we will ship and bill for the number of copies available (which may often be just one).

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Orders from non-library customers that will ship to U.S. addresses will be billed at $7.50 for the first book plus $1.50 for each additional book and shipped via UPS.

Orders from U.S. and Canadian libraries will be shipped via UPS at cost.

Be sure to click the CLEAR SEARCH FORM button before starting a new search so that any filters you applied to previous searches do not remain in place inadvertently.

Orders from libraries located outside of North America, or from individuals outside the United States, will be shipped via UPS or via USPS Priority Mail International (whichever is more economical), and the customer will be asked to confirm acceptance of the shipping charge before the order will be processed or shipped.

Be sure to click the CLEAR SEARCH FORM button before starting a new search so that any filters you applied to previous searches do not remain in place inadvertently.

Availability and Stock Status Codes

Q. Are all titles flagged as “In Stock” available for immediate shipment?

A. No. Worldwide maintains stock on more than 25,000 titles, but the on-hand quantity for many titles is often very limited, and our inventory fluctuates daily as we fill orders. Because recently published titles that are temporarily out of stock may already be in the process of being restocked, we are reluctant to discourage library orders for those titles, and we do not code them as TOS. Consequently we cannot guarantee the immediate availability of every title advertised on our Web site, even if the title is flagged as “In Stock.”

We recognize that customers ordering from our Web site, especially individuals, may be potentially confused about stock status and may wish to know whether or not a particular item is available for immediate delivery. We encourage customers to contact us by phone or by email if they wish to confirm the availability of specific titles. We also ask customers to let us know if there is any particular urgency to their order, or if they do not wish to be placed on backorder. For our library clients, temporarily out of stock titles are automatically backordered, and backorder reports are routinely sent to customers within a week to ten days by regular mail unless other instructions have been provided.

Q. What do TOS and OSI mean?

A. TOS stands for “Temporarily Out of Stock” and OSI stands for “Out of Stock Indefinitely.” Titles that are flagged in our database as TOS or OSI are currently out of stock, and we have not yet confirmed if they are still available or if they are out of print.

Although these terms as used by commercial publishers have more distinct meanings, for our purposes they are used somewhat interchangeably. However, we usually use TOS for out-of-stock titles that were published within the past few years that are likely to still be available; we use OSI for out-of-stock titles that were published more than a few years ago and are therefore somewhat more likely to be out of print.

We are happy to accept library orders for titles that are marked TOS or OSI, and we will attempt to restock those items as quickly as possible. Many museum and university press titles that were printed in large quantities may remain in print indefinitely and can be successfully restocked with minimal delay; however titles from trade publishers are often routinely declared out-of-print within a few years after publication. Unfortunately, we may cannot guarantee prices for titles flagged in our database as TOS or OSI, and we are able to pursue these out-of-stock titles for library clients only.

Please note that Worldwide Books is not an antiquarian dealer; we will be able to restock TOS or OSI titles only if they are still in print, or in the case of catalogues that accompanied traveling exhibitions, still available from one of the institutions that participated in the tour.

Q. Why are libraries able to place orders for titles that are flagged as TOS or OSI, but not individuals?

A. Worldwide Books is a library vendor and our business is focused on serving the needs of our library clients. While we welcome orders from individuals and booksellers that may wish to order from our on-hand inventory, we cannot afford to pursue temporarily out of stock titles on behalf of individuals or booksellers. Unfortunately, restocking is frequently very time-consuming and rarely very profitable. Individuals and booksellers wishing to obtain titles Worldwide Books no longer stocks are encouraged to contact the publishers directly.

Q. Why can’t I order titles that are coded OP (Out of Print) in Worldwide’s database?

A. Worldwide Books is not an antiquarian dealer, and unfortunately we are not able to offer search services for out-of-print titles.

Q. How is Worldwide able to advertise titles that the publishers themselves and other dealers have declared out of print?

A. Worldwide Books prides itself on its extensive and unparalleled inventory. In the course of purchasing new exhibition catalogues to supply to our library clients on approval over the past four decades, we have typically purchased extra copies for stock. Our inventory now includes more than 25,000 titles published since the 1960s. All of the titles in stock are new books that were purchased at the time of publication directly from the museums or commercial publishers that issued the titles. Many of the exhibition catalogues in our inventory that date from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s are now out of print and have become rare books. Once our stock of these out-of-print titles is depleted, we do not expect to be able to obtain additional copies. However, please note that Worldwide Books will not code a title as OP until we have exhausted our stock and confirmed with all potential wholesale sources that the title is no longer available. For certain exhibition catalogues published in association with a trade or university press, we routinely check not only with the commercial publisher and originating museum before declaring the title out of print, but would also check with any other museums involved in production of the catalogue, in the organization of the exhibition, or in presentation of the show. Not infrequently we are successfully able to restock titles that other booksellers have declared out of print based solely on the commercial publisher or distributor’s report. However, if none of the organizers, co-publishers or exhibiting institutions is able to supply copies, we must then declare the title out of print and are no longer able to accept orders for the title.