Q. How do I search your website?

A. The various filters offered on the ADVANCED SEARCH PAGE allow users to filter our vast inventory in sophisticated ways to identify titles in specific subject areas or on specific artists, and searches for exhibition catalogues can also be conducted by entering the name of the museum publisher, commercial co-publisher or first exhibitor.

Be sure to enter “<2010” in the YEAR OF PUBLICATION field on the ADVANCED SEARCH PAGE to limit your search to the special sale items.

Note: Titles published from 2010 through 2018 are also available for purchase if they are in stock, but the special 40% discount applies only to titles published prior to 2010.

Searches retrieve a maximum of 2,000 matching titles per search; for very broad searches that would identify more than 2,000 matching records (e.g., “Photography”), users will want to refine their searches by applying additional filters (e.g., period, country represented, language of the text, etc.) and/or conduct the search as a series of mutually exclusive searches based on date of publication (e.g., first search “>1960 <2006” in the YEAR OF PUBLICATION FIELD; second search “>2005 <2010”).

Keyword searches, partial string searches (use an “*” as a wildcard character) and exact-phrase searches (put the phrase in quotation marks) are allowed in the TITLE and EXHIBITOR, ORGANIZER, PUBLISHER OR SERIES TITLE fields.

Be sure to click the CLEAR SEARCH FORM button before starting a new search so that any filters you applied to previous searches do not remain in place inadvertently.

More detailed search tips for each search field are provided directly on the ADVANCED SEARCH page; simply click on the ADVANCED SEARCH INFORMATION hyperlink at the top of the page for general search tips, or click on any field heading for search tips using the filter associated with that specific field.

Q. What condition are the books in?

A. All books were acquired new at the time of publication and are not used books. Most books are in good, very good or as-new condition and do not have any significant defects unless specifically noted, and all would be perfectly acceptable acquisitions for our regular university and museum library clients; however, some titles, especially volumes from the 1960s and 70s, may be slightly shelf worn, somewhat sun faded, lightly soiled or have other minor, chiefly cosmetic defects. You will be notified of any issues with condition before you are asked for payment.

Q. How many copies of each title are available?

A. Quantities are extremely limited. Although we welcome orders for multiple copies, please note that for more than half the titles being offered, we have only one copy remaining in stock. For most other titles, we have only 2 to 4 copies available. Customers interested in ordering multiple copies can order the full quantity they would like to receive, and we will ship and bill for the number of copies available (which may often be just one).

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Orders from non-library customers that will ship to U.S. addresses will be billed at $7.50 for the first book plus $1.50 for each additional book and shipped via UPS.

Orders from U.S. and Canadian libraries will be shipped via UPS at cost.

Orders from libraries located outside of North America, or from individuals outside the United States, will be shipped via UPS or via USPS Priority Mail International (whichever is more economical), and the customer will be asked to confirm acceptance of the shipping charge before the order will be processed or shipped.

Q. How do I pay for my order?

A. Please note that payment information is not required at the time an order is placed through our website.

After submitting an order, all customers are sent an automatic order confirmation by email that simply confirms the details of the order as submitted (with list prices cited).

As soon as we have processed an order from a non-library customer and pulled the books from inventory, we will send a PayPal invoice by email citing the sale price of each item, quoting a shipping charge and any applicable sales tax, and noting any condition issues.

After reviewing and accepting the PayPal invoice, customers are asked to please submit payment through PayPal within 24 hours, or they may telephone our toll-free number with their credit-card information.

Library orders will be billed on open account on 30-day terms.

All sales are final.

Q. Will I be charged sales tax?

A. We are required to collect sales tax on orders from customers in New York State and Indiana unless the customer has provided a valid tax-exempt or resale certificate, and we are also required to charge GST on all Canadian orders.

Q. How do I place my order?

A. Orders are best placed through our website and customers should enter “Winter Sale” in the Special instructions/Comments field on the check-out page to qualify for the special discount on all in-stock titles published prior to 2010. (Orders for titles published in 2010 or later will be accepted and filled if the titles are available, but the special discount applies only to titles published prior to 2010.)

Libraries or booksellers that wish to place orders in ways other than through our website should contact us directly at

Q. Can I save my shopping cart and place the order at a later time?

A. Please note that contents placed in your shopping cart will be deleted after two hours of inactivity or immediately upon exiting our website; customers cannot save the contents of a shopping cart and resume shopping later.