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    1993   ''The Distinction of Being Different'': Joseph P. Mchugh and the American Arts and Crafts Movement.
    2009   500 Years of Italian Furniture: Magnificence and Design.
    2005   A Jeffersonian Ideal: Selections From the Dr. and Mrs. Henry C. Landon Iii Collection of American Fine and Decorative Arts.
    1984   Alvar Aalto: Furniture and Glass.
    2007   American Furniture In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I: Early Colonial Period -- the Seventeenth-Century and William and Mary Styles.
    1992   American Tables and Looking Glasses In the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University.
    1993   American Wicker: Woven Furniture From 1850 To 1930.
    2009   Andre Charles Boulle, 1642-1732: Un Nouveau Style Pour L'Europe.
    1991   Angel Chairs: New Work By Wendell Castle.
    1998   Architekten Als Designer: Beispiele In Berlin.
    1995   Bernard Molitor, 1755-1833: Ebeniste Parisien D'Origine Luxembourgeoise/Pariser Kunsttischler Luxemburger Herkunft.
    2005   Charlotte Perriand.
    1963   Chinese Furniture.
    1993   Conservation By Design.
    2002   Contemporary Studio Case Furniture: the Inside Story.
    2003   Curule: Ancient Design In American Federal Furniture.
    2006   Delaware Clocks.
    2007   Der Feine Unterschied: BiedermeiermoBel Europas, 1815-1835.
    2007   Design Contre Design: Deux SieCles De CreAtions.
    2005   Dish: International Design for the Home.
    2007   Dix AnneEs De CreAtion: Collections Du Mobilier National, 1997-2007 -- Tapisseries, Tapis, Mobilier.
    2002   Domestic Interiors at the Cape and In Batavia, 1602-1795.
    1998   Duitse Meubelen/German Furniture.
    1992   Ein Stuhl Macht Geschichte.
    1981   English Furniture From A Private Collection.
    1992   ErbstuCke/Eredita/Pieces D'Heritage.
    2006   European Glass Furnishings for Eastern Palaces.
    1989   Fantasy Furniture.
    2007   Figuring Space: Sculpture/Furniture From Mies To Moore.
    1990   Fortunato Depero E Il Mobile Futurista.
    2008   French Furniture and Gilt Bronzes: Baroque and ReGence -- Catalogue of the J. Paul Getty Museum Collection.
    2002   French Furniture From the Collection of Hillwood Museum & Gardens.
    1989   From Architecture To Object: Masterworks of the American Arts & Crafts Movement.
    1994   Good Citizen's Furniture: the Arts and Crafts Collections at Cheltenham.
    2006   Gord Peteran: Furniture Meets Its Maker.
    1994   Herter Brothers: Furniture and Interiors for A Gilded Age.
    2003   Hofmeubilair: Negentiende-Eeuwse Meubelen Uit De Collectie Van Paleis Het Loo.
    1992   Holz Und Form: Mit Der Arbeit Wohnen.
    1984   Hommage a Michel Dufet Au Musee Bourdelle.
    1972   Indianapolis Collects: American Furniture, 1700-1850.
    1995   Innovation and Derivation: the Contribution of L. & J.G. Stickley To the Arts and Crafts Movement.
    1990   Interieur 90: 12E Internationale Biennale Voor Woonkreativiteit/12Eme Biennale Internationale De La Creativite Dans L'Habitat/12Th International Biennial for Interior Design.
    1996   Interieur 96: 15E International Biennale Voor Wooncreativiteit/15E Biennale Internationale De La Creativite Dans L'Habitat/15Th International Biennial for Creative Interior.
    1983   John Cederquist: Deceptions.
    1973   KindermoBel + Spielobjekte.
    2003   Kragtische/Cantilever Tables.
    1995   L'Age D'Or Du Meuble Luxembourgeois (Xviiie-Debut Xixe Siecle).
    2002   Le Gueridon De Madame Du Barry.
    1990   Le Meuble Regional En France.
    1990   Les Annees Via, 1980-1990.
    1987   Light Opera: Virtuosity In Lighting Design.
    2002   Luxury Goods From India: the Art of the Indian Cabinet-Maker.
    2003   Martine Bedin: Prova D'Autore -- Meubles Et Objets, 1981-2003: Memphis/Milano - Bordeaux.
    1999   Masterpieces of American Furniture From the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute.
    2000   Matthew Hilton: Furniture for Our Time.
    1986   Meubles 1920-1937.
    1989   Meubles D'Apparat Des Pays-Bas Meridionaux, Xvie-Xviiie Siecle.
    2007   Meubles Et Panneaux En EBeNe: Le DeCor Des Cabinets En France Au XviiE SieCle.
    1964   MoBel Der Italienischen Renaissance.
    1991   Mobilier Picard: Le Meuble Dans L'Oise Du XiiiE Au XixE Siecle.
    1989   Mobilier Suisse: Creation, Invention.
    1999   On the Table.
    2007   Parckdesign: Let's Hug Trees/Embrassons Les Arbres/Omhels De Bomen.
    2002   Parures D'Or Et De Pourpre: Le Mobilier a La Cour Des Valois.
    2008   Pierre Paulin: Le Design Au Pouvoir.
    2007   PraZision Und Hingabe: MoBelkunst Von Abraham Und David Roentgen.
    2007   Quand Versailles ETait Meuble D'Argent.
    1989   Sitz-Gelegenheiten: Bugholz- Und StahlrohrmoBel Von Thonet.
    1969   Sitzen 69, Moderne Tischlersessel Und Ihre Werkzeichnungen.
    2006   Sylvain Dubuisson: La Face Cachee De L'Utile.
    2008   Tables, Boxes, Screens, Cabinets...: Adrian Quan.
    2000   The Art of Thomas Chippendale, Master Furniture Maker.
    2006   The Badminton Cabinet: Commessi Di Pietre Dure In the Collections of the Prince of Liechtenstein.
    1991   The Chair: From Artifact To Object.
    1996   The Concord Museum: Decorative Arts From a New England Collection.
    2007   The Furniture of Poul Kjaerholm: Catalogue Raisonne.
    1994   The Lady Lever Art Gallery: Catalogue of Commodes.
    1991   The Regional Arts of the Early South: a Sampling From the Collection of the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts.
    2008   The Triumph of Marriage: Painted Cassoni of the Renaissance.
    2008   The Upholstered Furniture In the Lady Lever Art Gallery.
    2008   To Please Any Taste: Litchfield County Furniture & Furniture Makers, 1780-1830.
    1999   Um/Autour De 1900: Verborgene SchaTze Aus Der Sammlung Des Museums Bellerive ZuRich/TreSors CacheS Du MuseE Bellerive De Zurich.
    1992   Un Ameublement a La Mode En 1802: Le Mobilier Du General Moreau.
    1996   Western Furniture, 1350 To the Present Day, In the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
    2004   Woodworkers of Windsor: a Connecticut Community of Craftsmen and Their World, 1635-1715.
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