Although Worldwide’s services are structured to accommodate first and foremost the needs of our library clients, we welcome orders and inquiries from booksellers and other non-library customers interested in purchasing items from our on-hand inventory. However, because our pricing, discounts and inventory levels are structured to accommodate the needs of our library clients, Worldwide reserves the right to limit quantities or to refuse orders for specific titles, particularly for titles that may be out of print, are available in very limited quantities only, or that have only recently been offered to our library clients.
Worldwide has a well-deserved reputation among academic libraries as a source for hard-to-find exhibition catalogues, and we work diligently to offer a wide range of important and difficult-to-obtain publications at reasonable prices. Booksellers should understand that Worldwide is not a publisher, nor do we serve as the exclusive wholesale distributor for any museum or publisher; booksellers interested in purchasing titles offered by Worldwide are advised to contact the publishers directly.
Nonetheless, we recognize that many of the titles offered by Worldwide may be difficult or impossible to acquire elsewhere, and we are happy to consider small-quantity orders from competing booksellers interested in purchasing for resale provided we have sufficient quantity on hand and as long as we do not anticipate needing all copies currently on hand to fill impending orders from our library clients.
All books offered by Worldwide are “new books,” and although most are in excellent or like-new condition, older volumes may be slightly shelf worn, sun faded, or lightly soiled, particularly tiles from the 1960s and 70s. Unless specifically noted, Worldwide makes no guarantee as to the condition of titles offered through our Web site, though any obvious damage or defect would be brought to the attention of any client prior to sale.
Except in rare cases, Worldwide cannot offer discounts to other booksellers and we cannot accept orders from booksellers for out-of-stock titles. However, booksellers may be especially interested in reviewing our Summer Sale, a list that includes hundreds of overstock items now being offered at wholesale prices.
All orders from booksellers must be prepaid by check, money order or credit card, and all items sold to booksellers are non-returnable. Booksellers located in New York or Indiana must submit a valid resale certificate, or their orders will be subject to sales tax.