One-of-a-Kind Examination Copies and Archival Volumes

This link produces an alphabetical list of hundreds of one-of-a-kind examination copies and archival volumes as defined below. Please note that in most cases we have just a single copy of each title; many of these titles are out of print and will no longer be available through Worldwide after our current supply is exhausted. Click here to view the entire list of Examination Copies and Archival Volumes.

These special Examination Copies and Archival Volumes can also be conveniently filtered based on medium, period, language, topic, etc. by using the Advanced Search Form. Simply check the "Examination Copies and Archival Volumes Only" box at the bottom of the Advanced Search screen, and specify any other search criteria you wish.

Examination Copies

In the course of evaluating new titles for possible inclusion in our approval plan programs, Worldwide purchases scores of examination copies each year that are ultimately judged to be inappropriate for inclusion in our standard plans for one reason or another. A title might be rejected because its price seems excessive given its likely value to most of our clients; because the language of the text may make it inaccessible or undesirable to most clients; because it chiefly duplicates other recently published material on a particular subject or artist; because it is a foreign-language title that we later learned was being released in an English-language edition; or because it is too old to be supplied to approval plan clients as a new release.

Selected titles that we have purchased for examination and ultimately rejected are now being offered through our Web site. Titles in this category can be searched and filtered through our Web site by selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of the Advanced Search screen in conjunction with any of the other filters offered on that page, or the list can be reviewed in its entirety by selecting the topic from the “Special Lists” menu on our homepage.

Please note that in most cases we have only a single copy of each of these titles, and we will remove each of these records from our Web site once the volume has sold; these are not titles that we intend to restock once we sell the single copy being offered. Although these titles were deemed inappropriate for our approval plan clients in general, many of the volumes would likely be of interest to any number of libraries that collect broadly in certain subject areas, and all are in like-new condition unless noted otherwise.

Archival Volumes
From the 1960s through the late 1990s, Worldwide maintained a reference library that included one archival copy of each and every title that was selected for inclusion in our standard approval plan programs. In the 1990s, large portions of this unique and extensive collection, which totaled some 30,000 volumes, were sold to two major art libraries, one in Spain and another in Taiwan. However, certain volumes that these two clients already owned remained unsold and have been in storage at Worldwide ever since. In many cases, these exhibition catalogues have long been out of print and the archival copies from our reference library have not previously been offered for sale.