About the Database 

Scope of the database

Two main categories of art publication are included in the database: international exhibition catalogues published since the early 1960s, and books issued by American trade and university presses since 1992.

Exhibition catalogues

Records for more than 46,000 exhibition and collection catalogues are presented in the database, including virtually all of the titles that have been made available over the years through Worldwide's library program. Individually selected on the basis of their value as art resources from the thousands of catalogues we have examined each year, these titles include a great majority of the most significant catalogues published over the past three decades by European and North American institutions, along with a vast array of other noteworthy titles.

Art books from American trade and university presses

Beginning with 1992 imprints, some 30,000 books published or distributed by American presses have been made available through Worldwide as part of our approval plan and title-by-title order services. Records for all of these titles are included in the database, the selection primarily emphasizing publications of significance to academic programs.

Catalogues from private galleries and collection catalogues are selectively represented.

Stock status of listed titles

Nearly a third of the publications included in the database are available from our current stock. Although daily changes in our holdings make it impossible to guarantee the immediate availability of individual titles, most can be supplied without delay. If a title is published in more than one edition, we stock the English-text, hardcover version whenever possible. Trade and university press titles are offered at the publishers' list prices, with library discounts indicated by the symbols t (20%) and x (10%). Prices for all other titles are set at the lowest possible levels but necessarily reflect the varied discounts and sales terms offered to bookdealers by the publishers.

Many forthcoming titles are also included in the database and can be ordered for delivery upon publication. Because the bibliographic data for these titles and their projected prices and dates of publication are based on information provided by the publishers, we cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Records for titles that are out of print (OP) or out of stock indefinitely (OSI) have been retained in the database for their reference and bibliographic value. We do not provide search services for out-of-print titles, and we can seldom predict the availability or current prices of titles that are out of stock indefinitely.
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